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Subaru is a Omniyouji and the Sakurazukamori. What does this mean?

He would generally be able to tell if a person was magical, roughly how they were magical, and how strong they were. It can be masked from him if people are working to mask it. He might be able to pick apart their shields as well, which we can rock, paper, scissors if they ever fight :D

He also could tell how wicked a person was and uh...any disturbances they caused in the force, so to speak. If they've ever done anything really bad, Subaru would be able to see it (Unless, again, they had the ability and desire to hide it from him.) And he would see that they had done something, and generally be able to see how severe that something was (A murder would not show up the same as spreading a nasty rumor, for example), but not what.

He also needs to kill people occasionally. Is this something you'd be interested in playing out? He would avoid magical/supernatural people.

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1. Player Information
Name (or internet handle): Te
Current characters in Bete Noire: De Winchester [ profile] not_cocked, Rapunzel [ profile] deadlyfryingpan, Flagg [ profile] between18and20

2. Character Information
Name: Subaru Sumeragi
Livejournal Username: [ profile] new_addict
Fandom: X/1999

3. Character Information II
Age/Appearance: Subaru is a 25 year old Japanese man. He is not bad looking, but deeply worn down. He wears plain, simple clothes without his sister there to encourage anything else, and his hair is cut short. It's usually messy, finger combed quickly. He doesn't have a muscular build, but is lithe, wiry, and physically strong enough for what his life requires.

Subaru was born with deep green eyes. However, during a battle with the Kamui of the Dragon's of Earth, his right eye was blinded and became a milky white. After the death of Seishirou, he was offered the man's one remaining gold eye by the Dragon's of Earth Kamui, the only thing leftbecause when a bridge collapses on you, of course you're eye is going to be what's left over, Clamp. They're not delicate or anything. He accepts the eye, and replaces his damaged right eye with it, giving him one gold and one green one.

He also had two star shaped seals on his hands. Seishirou marked him there when they first made their bet. His grandmother, realizing they were the mark of the Sakurazukamori, made him always wear gloves as a child, something he has dropped now, given it's uselessness. The stars often fade to barely visible, but they can become more obvious with certain stimuli (Like Seishirou)

Personality: Subaru is one fucked up little puppy.

Once upon a time Subaru was someone who let himself be pushed around too easily. He was very much someone who sat back and let the dominant person take charge. Growing up with Hokuto, it was easy. She was always there to take charge. He was easy-going, easily flustered, and inherently good. Naive, and malleable, and a yet also deeply powerful. This wasn't to say he was a ditz; a shallow person being lead through life. He knew the pain many others carried with them; his job was helping them let go of that pain when they couldn't, even after death. Letting Hokuto deal with the things she dealt best with gave him time to preserve the inner spiritual strength he needed.

This unique combination is what made him so appealing to Seishirou as a target, and also what made him so easy for Seishirou to break open again and again.

When Seishirou lost his eye, Subaru became overwhelmed with guilt. He was afraid Seishirou would be blinded, that he would hate Subaru for it. He decided then he had to tell him how he felt, no matter what, and went to confess his love.

Seishirou told him he was nothing. Told him he was there to kill him, that Subaru had failed to effect him in the slightest, to change Seishirou's mind, make him feel any sort of emotion. The betrayal broke Subaru, and although he was snatched away from Seishirou's illusion before Seishirou could finish the deed, he was left in a damaged, catatonic state. He was awoken when Seishirou killed his sister, who had gone to confront Seishirou in Subaru's place. It was...not a good wake up call.

It broke who Subaru had been, utterly and completely.

Now he is someone who hides behind having his hands tied. His life is controlled by fate, and he just lets himself ride the waves. The only goal he has is to become strong enough to be a worthy opponent for Seishirou to challenge. A wish the other Kamui mocks with relish, a mocking which leaves Subaru with his own eye gouged out. He knows that he has let Seishirou define him, and he does not care. He knows he is not worthy of anything he has received, and only steps up to plate when he realizes that his distance, too, is hurting people. Pretty much, he knows he's pathetic.

When that battle finally came, he was finally strong enough to fight Seishirou, and ready to accept his death. In a twisted way it'd prove he was strong.

And his world was twisted, once again, utterly upside down when Seishirou activated a spell Hokuto had cast with her dying breath. Any harm Seishirou tried to inflict on Subaru, would be reversed on to Seishirou. A spell he, of course, knew. And his last words to Subaru? I love you.

Which did great things for making Subaru a grounded, healthy person.

So when the other Kamui offered him Seishirou's good eye, and with it, Seishirou's power, he took it. To grant Seishirou's wish that no other man's mark be on his body. He has no desire of his own, to live or die, or for one side or the other to win in this fight. Although he cares for Kamui, he is willing to take Seishirou's place opposing him to grant the dead man's wish.

Sexual Preferences/Orientation: Subaru's sexuality sorta got a failure to launch. As a teen, Seishirou was always flirting with him, which, although it flustered him, wasn't unwelcomed. He just...had no clue what to do with it. And before he figured it out, shit went down with Seishirou, which sorta screwed him wanting to have anything to do with romance or sex. Except he was still in love with Seishirou, twistedly.

And there's also the issue of the fact he is the head of a very powerful clan that needs an heir. Traditionally, homosexuality is pretty deeply forbade for him.

So through out his whole life it was just something he...did not deal with. Whatever sexuality he has is pretty firmly homosexual, but he leans towards asexuality. He is however asexual due to discomfort with himself/sex/romance, not due to a thought out life choice, so it is something that is fluid.

Powers: Subaru is an Omniyouji.

He can speak with spirits, cleanse dwellings, practices divination, can sense other magic users and spells/curses (usually. Someone powerful and aiming to deceive him, could), find people's essence (both physically and spiritually. When Kamui has gone in a catatonic state, he is able to penetrate his mind) and some offensive powers using energy and Ofuda.

As Sakurazukamori he has access to strong illusionary powers. However, these are dependent on the sakura, and not something he has used yet.

Because of the emotional nature of creating the kekkai that he uses often in X, he has lost that ability for the foreseeable future

Reason for playing: Subaru is one of those characters who needs forced out of his shell against his will. He is too locked up in what is going to happen, that his path is set out for him and out of his control...that having it suddenly changed drastically will throw him off deeply. Dealing with other people, having what defined him (The apocalypse, Seishirou, all of that) suddenly irrelevant will be interesting to see. And in Bete Noire the same situation will be going on, but he will be purposeless in it. Unless he chooses to not be. For once he will have to live his life, instead of letting others control it for him. On top of that, the tree, which requires blood sacrifices, would feed off Bete Noire like crazy.

And I love this character. He is so deeply fucked up, and so hopeless, so...screwed. And I love torturing him almost as much as Clamp does.

And I'm about to get better hours at work, and got a phone I can tag on, so my activity should be going up. And I like to keep my character as different as possible, to access as many different types of CR as possible, and I feel he is very different.

5. Samples
First-Person: [PRIVATE]

[The camera comes on Subaru looks wary as he set up the camera, sitting before it. He is in shapeless jeans and a loose t-shirt, hair sticking up all over, and dark circles under his eyes. A half smoked cigarette hangs from his finger tips]

You're never going to get this. not sure why I'm doing it. Maybe...

[He pauses, rubbing a hand through his short hair, not soothing it in the slightest]

Maybe you'll see it. In some dreams. It wouldn't be so strange.

But all I want to say is...

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...

[A sigh]

Yeah. I'm sorry.


The first thing he noticed was the Sakura.

The did not talk to him, that was far too coherent a word for its communications. But it was always there, a buzzing, pressing tension at the base of his spine, make what it wanted known. It grew louder and louder every day that slipped by without him giving it what it wanted.

Whatever hope Subaru had for salvation here was crushed before he could even get his bearings, before he could even process that he was no longer in Tokyo. The Sakura was not silent, so far away from Japan.

No, it was much louder.

It was feeding off this place.

That didn’t bode well for this city.

He held himself still for a moment, eyes closed, letting tendrils of his consciousness unfurl, explore. This place was fetid. Rotting away at its core. Subaru pulled back, not wanting to push any further. Something familiar about it was there, just at the back of his mind, but it was out of his reach.

He had no bearings here, but he should move. Figure out the layout of this city.

Because although he had no idea why he was here, he had no doubt it wasn’t a situation that would be changing in the near future.

Third-Person #2:

His breath was coming in ragged hitches, his body twisting, knotting in the sheets.

He hated dreams like this. He was always lucid enough to know, know they were dreams. That this wasn't reality. But never lucid quite enough to pull himself away from them.

Always, in the back of his head, he wondered if Seishirou had left some small, hidden seal on his body. Something that responded to this dreams, locking him tight in them.

Some nights he hoped it caused them.

Most nights he knew he was fooling himself.

Hands were running over his body. Gentle hands, stroking, and pressing, and sliding places he'd never known.

It never lasted.

They began to pull. Scartch. Gouge at his flesh. He could feel warm, wet blood slidding between his shoulder blade, down his legs, between his ribs. And yet still, his body wanted more. They ripped at his skin, their skin rough, scraping his own flesh as they moved over his body. He cries out, unclear if it is in pleasure or pain. They are tightening, around his wrist, his thighs, his throat...

Then he woke up, disoriented and heaving in deep, shaky breaths. His body was drenched with sweat, the cold in the apartment doing nothing to help it.

He hated dreams like that.
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Today is our Birthday.

I miss her.


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